BlueMarket Mobile Marketplace


BlueMarket is an ecosystem where shoppers and merchants can interact and trade effortlessly


Shoppers are able to reach merchants by interacting with simple and effective mobile applications. Merchants in turn are able to join larger marketplaces which allows shoppers to use a single mobile application for all their shopping needs

Safer and Easier Payments

A single method of payment for In-Store Purchases and Mobile Delivery Orders means simplicity and convenience

The future of shopping

Everything a shopper needs in the palm of their hand, from bookings to mobile purchases to buying tickets for a show to navigating to the business

Loyalty and rewards

Receive discount vouchers, special offers, competitions and loyalty rewards from your favourite stores


A clear and simple interface to retail

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Mobile Retail
Doing it right

Instantly find what you are looking for by searching for a keyword or phrase, then have the ability to act on the information received by either placing an order, making a booking, buying a ticket or if you need more information contacting the business directly from Bluemarket via telephone, email or navigating to their premises.

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Mobile Exposure

Businesses of ANY size now have an affordable presence in the Mobile App Space

Shopper and Retailer Communication

Direct communication channel between shoppers and the businesses they are interested in

Nearest First

All businesses are Geolocated, meaning shoppers see their closest search results first

Fast Support

Communicate with businesses directly for fast support or queries. When all else fails, Bluemarket support staff are always at the ready

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User-friendly Codes
QR Codes, your new best friend

By making use of QR Codes (the square barcode type thingy), Bluemarket takes away all the hassle of having to explain. All Orders, Vouchers and Tickets are delivered directly to your mobile phone or tablet with a unique QR Code for businesses to scan. These QR Codes identify the client and their transaction directly from the device screen, so no need to print either.

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Get it

Bluemarket is available for download from Android Playstore and Apple App Store


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